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Voice, Data & Connectivity Provider

Fast. Reliable. Guaranteed.

Cloud phone systems for businesses of any size

As a market-leading business VoIP provider we can help whether you have a single line or hundreds. Choose an option below, or call us on 01603 594049 if you’d like help selecting the right virtual phone system for your business.

Colorful Curved Line
Hosted Telephony

Virtual landline numbers for
small businesses

Cloud PBX

Feature-rich phone system for businesses of all size

SIP Trunks

A customisable VoIP solution for growing companies

Business Only Connectivity

All of our internet connections run over a business only network giving you increased reliability and to help mitigate potential disruption.

Woman wearing headset while working from home

Business Broadband

High-speed, business only fibre.

Businessman on Phone

Leased Lines

High-capacity, dedicated fibre connectivity.

For years it baffled me on how hard it was to actually communicate with the larger companies such as BT, kind of ironic if you think about it.


Then six years ago I met C Squared who totally smashed the prices I was paying and now without a shadow of a doubt the best thing about dealing with them is their customer service, from technical support to admin it is there with no waiting, perfect!


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Prefer to talk to someone? Give our expert sales team a call on 01842 845678 and they will be happy to answer any and all of your questions.

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