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Our strategic partnerships allow us to offer best of breed solutions to businesses in the UK and beyond.
Data Connectivity

Fast. Reliable. Guaranteed.

Our leased lines, otherwise known as Dedicated Internet Access, EFM or Point to Point Circuits, are essentially fast, reliable and guaranteed connections, backed by service level agreements that detail service uptime guarantees.

We aim to provide as near to 99.999% ("five 9 uptime") as possible for continued service for your connection. Where applicable these circuits can be load balanced or supported by a DSL or EFM circuit for resilience.

Voice Connectivity

Csquared SIP trunking solution of choice is IP DIRECT CONNECT.

The service is the leading SIP trunking solution in the UK market, connecting your site directly into the network of our chosen Business Partners using an IP circuit to carry and terminate your voice calls across the public telephone network.

It can either replace or complement your current ISDN, and is designed to work successfully with all leading IP PBX brands in the UK market.

Bespoke Technology

The ever expanding reach of ADSL2+ and more specifically Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) plus the heavy investment in connectivity infrastructure by the UK Government and private enterprise means that the average speeds available to businesses are getting faster and faster.


Ethernet in the first Mile (EFM) and FTTC are filling the gap for businesses that do not want the overhead of a leased line, but still require a faster connection with SLAs or require faster speeds than standard ADSL or FTTC.


How It Works



By partnering with a local connectivity provider, clients have the benefit of local engineer support and access to to Tier One connectivity solutions through our channel partnerships. Smart clients use us as we liaise with Openreach (and know a lot of the local engineers) for installations and engineering work.  As ex BT engineers we speak their lingo and have helped drive through complex requirements where others have not been able to.


Our channel partnerships allow us to have full visibility on our connections so we can troubleshoot issues directly and in a timely manner. As we primarily cover the East of England we have engineers that can be on site in the same day. 

Help today

All inbound support calls are answered within 5 rings by someone who can help.

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For years it baffled me on how hard it was to actually communicate with the larger companies such as BT, kind of ironic if you think about it.


Then six years ago I met C Squared who totally smashed the prices I was paying and now without a shadow of a doubt the best thing about dealing with them is their customer service, from technical support to admin it is there with no waiting, perfect!

— Licoln

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Our team of consultants and engineers have many years of experience in different aspects of Telecommunications and Information Technology; this allied with our unrivalled commitment to providing excellent customer service, gives our clients the confidence to conduct their businesses on the solid platforms that we deliver.

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